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Nurse Alix Heals A Hard-On

Featuring: Alix Lakehurst and J Mac
Date: 12/08/2009
Duration: 12:31 min.
This man's swollen organ is in Nurse Alix's healing hands. This Voluptuous Girl is a true angel of mercy. He compliments her on her nurse's uniform, the latest fashion in boner-building fuck-wear. "Did your titties get bigger," her patient asks. Alix laughs. "They probably have!" she replies. "So you like my dress? Wanna see what's underneath," Alix says, her voice guaranteeing a fun time in a few minutes. He dives right for her right nipple and sucks. How could he resist? Do you know know great Alix's 42 inch, 34DDD tits are? Soft, pliable, sweet-tasting, firm and heavy. No breast-man, if given the opportunity to lick and squeeze them, would turn her down.
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