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Boobs & Bubbles

Date: 08/23/2009
Duration: 15:37 min.
"I don't need exciting,' Ashley Sage Ellison told an editor in the June '09 Voluptuous magazine story, Meet Ashley Sage. "Sometimes the simplicity of a moment can make it perfect." The simplicity of a bath taken by a blonde-haired English beauty with huge boobs is definitely appreciated as this new video proves. Ashley may be a quiet girl but her creamy breasts communicate loud and clear. "My boobs started to grow when I began maturing," Ashley said. "That's when they started getting bigger. They got bigger and bigger and bigger. And that's where I am now. A 32K." Ashley keeps very busy. She's a beautician by profession and she has a lot of interests and hobbies. "I did horseback riding for a while.
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