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Special Rental Rates For Big Boobed Hotties

Featuring: Bailey Santanna and Andy Mann
Date: 11/21/2009
Duration: 20:06 min.
Voluptuous covergirl Bailey Santanna's sleazy landlord is pissed off. The apartment complex he runs is a dump. Making things worse, Bailey's behind on the rent. In her defense, a girl needs to invest her money in more worthwhile things, such as bras, hot clothes and high heels, instead of throwing it out on rent. He furiously knocks on Bailey's door. She gets off the phone to open it, dressed in a low-cut top and a tight bra that pushes her tits up and out. That doesn't interest him as he screams about the trash in the hallway and her being three months past due. Bailey begs off, saying she doesn't have the money or another place to go. She drops to her knees, a tactic that gives him a even better view of her impressive cleavage. "A woman on her knees?! What kind of place am I running here?" he hollers.
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