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Topheavy Tailor Tugs & Tit-fucks

Date: 07/06/2016
Duration: 16:59 min.
Bailey Santanna is a sexy seamstress who doesn't exist in the real world but she does in our universe. What a better place the world would be if we had more seamstresses like her. This customer gets more than his pants tailored. He gets his balls drained by Bailey's talented hands and huge, natural jugs. Every girl has to start somewhere. "I was a stripper, and someone came in and gave me their card and said, 'Do you wanna shoot for me?' and I said, 'You look like a phony,' and he said, 'Call my studio and my secretary will answer and you can look me up on the Internet.' So I did. "He was just a private guy. Some rich guy. But he did have this whole big studio, and he shot a bunch of videos and photos of me for years and years. He did like 15,000 pictures of me, something crazy, but it was all for himself.
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