Bed-breaking Sex And Cum In Her Mouth

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'I'm 44, and I'm here to have a good time,' Cassy Torri, a court reporter from New York, says at the start of this video. Hey, we're all about the good time! Cassy's wearing a tiny, short, pink dress that hugs her curvy body.

'I'm going to get nasty and horny,' she says. She looks classy, but then the camera pans down and we can see her running her hand over her ass. 'I love when you talk dirty to me,' she says. 'Maybe take the G-string off, suck it.'

The G-string cuts through her pussy and ass, covering barely anything when she's spreading her ass cheeks.

'I like when you stand over me,' she says. 'Then I can really see your hard-on.'

When Cassy's stud shows up, she ignores him and keeps looking at us. Hey, what's going on here? Does Cassy want to fuck us, not him? Maybe. It's nice to think so, anyway.

There are two major highlights to this scene:

1. When Cassy is vigorously bouncing up and down on the stud's cock, the bed sounds like it's going to break.

2. When he cums, she sticks out her tongue for his spunk and catches a mouthful.

Because MILFs don't spit. They swallow.