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Sometimes, you gotta do the boss's wife in the ass

Destiny Williams - XXX video
Destiny answers the phone. This 45-year-old wife is wearing a very short, very sexy blue dress. Her husband is on the line, and he's not coming home from lunch, but he is sending Tony over for a file. Meanwhile, Destiny is taking off her panties. Why is she taking off her panties? We're about to find out.

"Frank says I have a file for you," Destiny says when Tony shows up. "Why don't you have a seat and I'll get it."

Destiny is a close talker. She's a close toucher, too. She brings him the file, and when Tony opens it up, her panties fall out!

"These are mine," Destiny says. "They were supposed to be for Frank. You weren't supposed to see this. But Frank's not here right now. Wouldn't you like to see these on?"

At this point, Tony is caught between his brain and his hard-on. His brain is telling him, "You'd better get back to work now." His hard-on is telling him, "Let's see where this leads."

Destiny models the panties for Tony. At this point, his hard-on is screaming so loud,…
Date: March 20th, 2013
Duration: 27:17

Member Comments

6 years ago 
nice anal fucking scene loved the pireced pussy
7 years ago 
he gives her an anal pounding like never before, really good anal scene

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