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Maid For Hot Sex

Date: 09/20/2012
Duration: 18:35 min.
World premiere time! Driving guys nuts because of her creamy big boobs, her shapely butt and her overall girl-next-door looks, pretty Felicia Clover's first appearance at SCORELAND was greeted with very welcoming props and that was just the warm-up for what we are all about to receive now. Felicia has decided to try guy-girl action! She was maid for it! "I'm a sexually assertive girl," says the redheaded babydoll who loves outdoor fun and Dr. Who, "and I love sex. I love a hard pounding and oral, and I love foreplay. Cuddling and kissing. My favorite position is missionary when my lover is going deep and rough." How did things go for Felicia during her first time? "Overall it was pretty fantastic. My favorite part was getting a guy who was so girthy I could barely fit him in my mouth. That was pretty fucking awesome." Felicia is just "Maid For Hot Sex" and you'll agree once you play her very first fuck scene. Felicia is also debuting in a second extra-close encounter at! She's doubly hot. Give her your props! Thank you, Felicia Clover!
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