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The Training Of Krissy Dawson

Featuring: Krissy Dawson and Neeo
Date: 03/28/2013
Duration: 26:35 min.
Mr. Neeo likes to train his women the old-fashioned European way. By chaining them with a metal leash and walking them on all fours around the living room. This is how he trains new XL Girl Krissy Dawson in Prague. He massages handfuls of Krissy's big tits, removing her bra to further examine her globes of joy. Krissy gets laid across his knees for a spanking. Whatever she's done, it wasn't what he wanted so it's time for her punishment. His slap-hand leaves a red mark on her large, pale ass-cheeks. The leash is used as a training tool to move Krissy around in the positions he wants. She's good at obedience without any resistance.
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