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The Boobs Race Is Always To The Swift

Featuring: Krystal Swift and Tom Holland
Date: 06/22/2012
Duration: 19:25 min.
In the International Boobs Race, the missile packing babes of the U.S.A., the U.K. and the Czech Republic seem to lead the pack judging by the latest calculations. Just when the U.S. gains a fraction of a lead, someone from the U.K. or the C.R. shows up and the cycle begins again. And what a new arrival may lack in missile diameter and volume, she may accelerate her velocity by igniting her full-sex drives. Such is the news now at SCORELAND with Krystal Swift, a Czech bomber girl with country girl looks and a corn-fed body. "The Boobs Race Is Always To The Swift" launches with Krystal being serviced by an anatomy technician checking for concealed weapons under her tight dress. Made-up and dressed more like a city glamour girl than a farmer's daughter, Krystal is very helpful in letting the tech check her twin turbos with probing hands and hard sucking.
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