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Slut from the Slopes

Featuring: Maxi Booty
Date: 04/27/2011
Duration: 15:06 min.
Maxi is from Colorado where she does a lot of slutting..err, we mean sledding. "There's not much else to do out there," she says. Fortunately, that's only if you're outdoors. Indoors, Maxi likes to spend all those snow days masturbating or fucking big guys with big cocks. Here, she does the former, and quite well. She works her juicy pussy with her finger while massaging her perky B-cups. She spreads open her purplish pussy lips so you can see the bright pink inside. Maxi cums by sticking her finger in her slit and working her clit in circles with her fingers. She moans, tenses up and then..release. See for yourself! .
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