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Secretary At Work

Featuring: Michelle May
Date: 06/14/2009
Duration: 19:13 min.
When waiting in a reception area to see someone, whether it's in a doctor's office or some kind of business office, chances are the receptionist or secretary is not going to be sensationally stacked like this awesome new find Michelle May here. (A photo set of Michelle is posted in New Discovery.) Most of the time, the receptionist will probably ignore anyone who's waiting. (We always get the snooty secretaries.) And she won't be dangling huge tits in front of your face. She won't be playful. But Michelle May is a different, refreshing kind of receptionist. The kind of receptionist a man only finds in Scoreland. She wears low-cut buttoned-tops to expose those natural mounds of goodness to the air and sunlight. She likes to get up and jiggle them around a bit, just to adjust them to her tight bra. And she's more than happy to do all of this and much more right in front of you, which beats having to slog through a five year old copy of Tire Rotation Monthly while you wait. With a receptionist like Michelle May, who wouldn't mind sitting in that office until closing? In fact, we'd show up every day whether we had to or not.
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