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Sticky Deals At Hooker Motel

Featuring: Commando and Millian Blu
Date: 06/10/2010
Duration: 20:15 min.
Millian Blu is not looking for someone to take her away from all of this. She likes fucking and sucking strange dudes in motels. Why would she want to give it up? She likes being a part of the nasty bad girls club. Anything else is boring. Her date of the day gets an eyeful of her ass-shaking and bouncing skills before she puts his dick in a slurping lip-lock. Then she mounts up for a dirty, hard ride on his greasy cock. Millian is chatty, too, even with a cock slamming in and out of her cunt. She curses and talks dirty in her sex-kitten voice asking for more dick and finally for a load to be sprayed all over her. She knows she's a slut and she's proud of it. Wherever she is right now, you can bet she's going to get fucked before the night is over.
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