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Wiggle Jiggle

Featuring: Sophie Mae
Date: 06/16/2009
Duration: 14:28 min.
Hi, my name is Jose and I'm a photographer at the SCORE Group. When we learned about a new, busty Czech beauty named Sophie, SCORE flew a stylist and me to Prague in the Czech Republic where we met and photographed this hot, young newcomer. Sophie is a professional dance instructor and specializes all types of dance. Her main interest is Middle Eastern belly dancing. She danced for us and even told me the proper names for each move as she did them. That's how precise she is when it comes to dancing. So in this video and in the pictorial, Sophie's actually doing what she her students to do. Sophie originally got her start in mainstream commercial modeling and has transitioned into nude modeling, but doesn't spread. Sophie's very confident and she's into hair, make-up and posing techniques. She only speaks a little bit of English which leads to people asking me how I communicate with the models when we don't speak the same language.
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