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Putting The Show In Shower

Featuring: Taylor Steele
Date: 02/20/2010
Duration: 16:48 min.
Prepare to fall out of your chairs when Taylor Steele takes off her bra, panties and heels for a nice, refreshing shower. You'll need a shower yourself by the time this SCORELAND video is over! Taylor's tits, ass and pussy are just incrediblely gorgeous and her face is beautiful. Great hair, a sexy voice, hypnotic eyes. She really is the whole package. Taylor's soapy shower blows away anything you've ever seen in a drive-in movie like Porky's. A Hollywood director could learn a lot from this Voluptuous Theater video. This is a shower to cherish forever. Toronto is a cool city but a cold place more than half the year. It's not Miami where the girls walk around in string bikinis. How does Taylor dress when she goes out? "I dress casual when I go out with friends and I dress like a porn star when I'm on a date," Taylor says.
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