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Terri's Big Balcony

Featuring: Terri Jane
Date: 04/01/2011
Duration: 11:42 min.
Terri Jane. Her name is the reason for the big buzz in the big-boob community. This 21 year-old British beauty suddenly appeared on the scene and has gotten everyone stirred up. The SCORE studio team could have flown to England but why deal with the cold? Instead, we sent Terri a plane ticket and winged her to the beautiful, and warm, Dominican Republic. A girl like Terri should be photographed in a beachside paradise. It's a SCORE tradition going back to the early '90s Bahamas trips. Terri just lapped it up. Terri measures 43 inches up top, has a small back and wears a 30K bra, sometimes bigger. She loves modeling, dancing, clubbing with her girlfriends and taking care of her terrier. This is her time in the sun and SCORE is going to make sure Terri gets lots of sunshine.
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