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Deep In The Ass For The Busty Candystriper

Date: 03/21/2010
Duration: 17:13 min.
In need of a well-developed healthcare provider? A candystriper who'll make the ache go away with her tits, mouth, pussy and ass? Alanna Ackerman is here to the rescue. Stressbusting with the highest qualifications. Upon arrival, Alanna properly checks the cock pressure of this sick fuck. She's been taught by experts at busty nurse training school so his dick is in good hands. Of course, her mere presence speeds up all of his vitals. Her hanging treasures dangling in his face propel this goldbricking slacker on the road to recovery. It's the lazy man's way to hook up with girls but it does work, unless a real battle-axe shows up at the door. Then you're truly fucked. Fortunately for this dude, the agency sent Alanna over, a trained specialist in swollen-shaft treatment. She uses boob-compression techniques to reduce the swelling and her expert mouth to suck out the poison.
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