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Lollipopper Pops Her Big Top

Rating: Unrated
Featuring: Alyson Galen
Date: 04/03/2018
Duration: 14:21 min.
Alyson Galen's boyfriend encouraged her to apply to XL Girls. This is still rare but it does happen. It happens more at SCORELAND and the MILF sites. Lollipop-sucker Alyson has massive breasts and massive areolae. One of her areolas looks bigger than an average-sized girl's entire breast. Jelena Jasper, Maria Moore, Melonie Rose, Kristina Milan and Molly Howard have some major pancake-sized areolae but we suspect Alyson has the biggest. "I like to watch porn," Alyson said. "I get really horny. Then my boyfriend has to watch out. If I'm alone and in a place where I can't find the privacy to masturbate, then I get even hornier.".
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