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Angelina Castro - XXX video
Angelina Castro and Kelly Christiansen wait in the green room for SCOREtv to start. What do hot chicks do when they're waiting for the show to start? That's right, they flip through SCORE magazine and check out the other girls. Angelina and Kelly talk tits and check out each other's hooters, hands-on, of course. They hurriedly readjust when Angelina is called. Her chair on the SCOREtv set is ready for her hot Cuban ass. Host Dave greets her and they get into a brief chat about big boobs and big asses, mainly Angelina's big boobs and big ass. Dave runs clips from Angelina's wild and nasty anal fuck scene so she can provide the color commentary and give us the blow-by-blows while she keeps adjusting the strapless mini-dress that keeps sliding down her super-sexy body. Now that we've seen the clips of Angelina taking a railing and heard her commentary (how many times does a girl watch her video within a video?), it's time to wrap up this segment of SCOREtv and…
Featuring: Angelina Castro and Enzo Lorenzo
Date: January 10th, 2013
Duration: 32:56

Member Comments

8 years ago 
America doesn't needs the lamestream media's bullshit.
America needs the HARD facts!
8 years ago 
This is what America needs ScoreTV. Instead of all the violence and bullshit and propaganda!

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