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Special Delivery For Home Alone Wives

Anorei Collins - XXX video
Anorei Collins is anointing her super-colossal breasts in the upstairs bathroom. She examines them carefully in the mirror before readjusting her slip. Meanwhile, a delivery guy is reading a note on her front door. "Please bring delivery inside. Thank you." You know what this delivery is and where it's going. Anorei tells him to come upstairs. He's reluctant but complies and finds her in the bedroom. It looks like Anorei has had her eyes on him before and now she's gonna get him. She makes a beeline for his junk in no time. Resistance is futile before this natural wonder. She drops to her knees and begins pleasuring his nine-incher with her sure hand and hungry lips. She slowly sheds her slip and tastes his meat some more, her heavy boobs pressing against his thighs. Anorei's licks of his stick are slow, deliberate and do not neglect any part. She tries to get as much as she can in her mouth with a quality blow job. When it's time to fuck, Anorei gets into bed so JC can shovel it into…

Member Comments

10 years ago 
Just an awesome scene!
10 years ago 
what a nice pussy lips, i wanne directly creampie her
10 years ago 
Wow. I just came. Like I always cum when I see Anorei! She is clearly my favourite woman of all times! Her enormous, over-developed tits and massive ass and thighs just turn me on no end! She's one of nature's absolute wonders!

Anorei, marry me! Or, at least, please promise that you'll never stop making great scenes like this one! I love you! :o)

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