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April McK In Tits & Tugs

Date: 05/17/2009
Duration: 21:22 min.
When the SCORE guys met April McKenzie, the first thing on the to-do list was an interview. We met a Georgia peach with a lot bigger peaches than most Georgia peaches. Much bigger. And throughout the interview, which you probably saw on Scoreland, the main impression was, "Gee, here's a nice, sweet, Southern-bred girl, very well-mannered, smiley, soft-spoken and polite. Probably calls men Sir when she meets them and Daddy on the morning after the third date. Maybe in 2015, she'll try playing with a toy on camera." Well, here ya go, again! Never judge a book by her cover! April turned out to be one of the most sexually driven chicks to ever enter the SCORE Studio. Quiet, easygoing, calm but a man-pleasing dynamo. A handjob for April is just a warm-up. She jacks a guy in this vid like she's got two delicate Georgia peaches in the palm of her hand. Now that's what you call top-notch handling and shipping!

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