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The Hot Shower

Featuring: Bella French
Date: 08/20/2013
Duration: 17:59 min.
Beautiful Bella French has a body built for hot lingerie and she walks around in a bra and panty set just made for her kind of ultra-slim and stacked body. She unwraps herself and finger-bangs her pussy in the bathroom, then hits the shower. Not to cool off but to keep heating herself up with more fingering. Bella seems the type to always look perfect at all times. She trains hard to keep that body toned and fit for skin-tight jeans, booty shorts and tops so tight her nipples could poke through with a deep breath. "I'm usually very well-dressed," says Bella. "So, I'll see guys look at me, but they won't come and talk to me. Not that much." Sounds impossible to believe but that's what Bella claims. Bella's Montreal born and raised and speaks both French and English. "I'm from Montreal and there's two parts to it.
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