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The Incredibly Amazing Bra Show

Beshine - Solo video
Beshine's brassieres are a miracle of stress engineering and textile dynamics. How they don't rip apart as she's wearing them is a wonder of modern design. Just imagine going into a bra shop with this little lady. You'd need a team of bodyguards to keep the crowds back. We couldn't do that so we did the next best thing. Have Beshine put on a bra modeling show. "I can't buy them in a store," Beshine told SCORE. "I have to have them custom-made. It's very difficult to order them because there's no size that can possibly fit me because I am so slim and my boobs are so large. I have them made by companies in Germany, America and the UK. They don't come in my size! [Laughs] I just ask for the biggest size they have, and they send it, and then I can try it on and say, 'Yes, it fits,' or 'No, it doesn't.'" Beshine thinks a bra can be sexy and functional. "Support can make them sexy because then they lift my breasts and make them seem even better. I like bras with flowers and lace. And my…
Featuring: Beshine
Date: April 11th, 2011
Duration: 07:39

Member Comments

8 years ago 
This godess has got the supreme power : the tit power.Everyman
should worship her and serve her
10 years ago 
nice fat Udders
10 years ago 
holy shit..i thought my dick and my heart would explode!
10 years ago 
very nice guns
10 years ago 
This is a nice clip.

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