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Blow Job Class

Date: 03/11/2009
Duration: 17:01 min.
In the third Chapter of Big Girl Sex School, Ivy, Libra, Madi Jane and Peaches attend Miss Shugar's "Blow Job Class" where they will learn how to properly use their mouths, lips, tongue and throats to service man's gift to women..The Mighty Cock. Cock worship is the goal and a worthy goal it is. As class begins, the girls await with expectant throats and excited chatter. Helping the class is Ashley, one of Miss Shugar's hung studs. He will act as the "learning tool" for this class. The girls are expected to use their huge tits as well as their mouths and saliva. Ivy is first after Miss Shugar begins the class. Then Madi, Peaches and Libra proceed, carefully learning how to expertly suck dick. They enjoy it so much, they don't want to quit. All four girls take part in a cum-extraction that must be seen! .
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