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Brittany's Bikini Bustout

Date: 04/22/2011
Duration: 23:51 min.
"It was enjoyable, there was chemistry there and you guys caught it on tape," Brittany O'Neil said about this bikini bang. Brittany's fuck partner in this scene is a real-life fan of hers and he was shocked when he learned who he was going to be laying the pipe to and who was going to suck his cock, lick his balls, ride his pole and jack the man-sauce out of him. Brittany was thrilled to learn that he's been jacking to her vids. We're glad to say he was up for the challenge. Ivan arrived at the house to find her in a skimpy bikini, looking every inch the SCORE Girl of his fantasies and dreams and ready to please. After playing with Brittany's big boobs, Ivan sucks her pussy as she lies on her recliner at poolside. Brittany enjoyed that. "Some women can have an orgasm by intercourse, and some only by having their clit stimulated and some can have it by both. Everyone's different when it comes to females," Brittany said. "I love oral.
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