My First Anal Experience

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Christy Marks had never had anal sex in her life. When she said that she wanted to try it for the first time, no one was going to say no to her. Because once Christy was ready to get some ass-lovin' in her life, we knew she would go ahead and do it. With or without us and our cameras and lights. It was only a matter of time because once Christy sets her mind to a goal, she does it. So let's make a celebration, a major event, out of it. An expert in ass-banging was the logical step because anal is not like regular sex. It requires much more extensive prepping of the butt for the pompitous of love. That expert was Holly Halston from My Wife, Your Meat. Holly's done lots of anal for years and she knows all the ins and outs. With Holly's instruction, Christy was ready for this A-list event. Holly even offered to be ass-fucked, side-by-side with Christy so that Holly could guide her. 'I do it for the fans too, not just me,' said Christy. 'I love them and I know that they want to see it, so I am doing it. They don't want to just hear me talk about it.' This is truly a historic moment for both Christy and SCORE as she enjoys her first butt-stuffing experience with Holly getting her own ass fucked in the next bed.

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