DP Party from Boob Science

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In the SCORE feature movie Boob Science, geeks Dexter and Sheldon have conjured up the superwoman Mandy in the privacy of their nerd bedroom by using their computer equipment and some magical a-bra cada-bra. Cada-bra is right because their creation Mandy, played by Daphne Rosen, has huge fuckin' tits and a fuckin' body that won't quit. In this episode, Mandy takes nerds Sheldon and Dexter to a house party filled with crazy people trashing the place. The party is also crashed by tough hottie biker-babe Angel Gee and her two idiotic, stupid thugs. But Mandy has the power so Dexter and Sheldon knock out the bullies easily. This impresses Angel, who gets wet over tough guys, even unlikely ones. Mandy says to Angel, 'Hi, Angel. These are my wards, Dexter and Sheldon. They're dying to fuck you.' 'I like men who know what they want,' Angel answers. 'You could say the boys made me who I am today,' Mandy says. Now they're a foursome and ready for a nasty, filthy, raunchy super-sex party. The four move over to the couch and the two super-bra-busters suck their dicks while the wasted partygoers watch. The group stumbles off and the two lucky goofballs jam their stiff boners into Mandy and Angel, every which way but loose. Mouths, huge tits, pussies are open for filling. It's deep throat time! Dexter and Sheldon get under and over Mandy and DP her soaking-wet pussy and her famous asshole while Angel rubs their balls and cocks. The party is just beginning! Dexter and Sheldon have lost their geekness thanks to this wonder woman Mandy! It's Boob Science! Now on sale in the eBoobStore. Own it today.

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