Daphne Stretches A Sweater & A Cock

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When heavy-duty sweater stretching is required, not just routine fabric elongation, but a sweater pulled by mega-jugs so that the top is ready to pop from G-force button-hole stretching, the experts must be called in or it's simply amateur night with a C-cupper at some SCORE-copycat schlock website. That's why SCORE called upon super-porn star Daphne Rosen (one of the few Jewish porn girls not interested in marrying a doctor), to stretch a tight sweater and get her asshole stretched at the same time by the big boner. A girl with amazing fuck powers and skills, far beyond those of mortal humans. The sweater Daphne wears truly is a classic: long sleeved, buttoned down the front and bare at the belly. Now the deal with the sweater here is that Daphne keeps it on in different stages while she's sucking the stiff one, riding a cock in her cunt or being boned up the pooper as only she can do it. Daphne also uses it to wipe a big load of cum off her tits. Not that we were thinking of making this sweater a prize in one of our SCORE magazine giveaways as we've done with Daphne's bra but we did wonder what happened to the garment after this fuck-fest wrapped up. The answer will probably never be known and maybe it's better that way. It sounds crazy but she really looks great in clothes. Daphne's now the star of her biggest SCORE feature movie, Boob Science, in the role she was born to play, a superwoman named Mandy.

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