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Rack Warehouse

Featuring: Daphne Rosen and J Mac
Date: 09/14/2012
Duration: 18:13 min.
Rack Warehouse is where horny dudes go to get their balls drained of fucking cum. Daphne Rosen is in a tight spot there but she's been in tight spots before and she'll be in tight spots in the future so don't worry about her. Her tight spots can handle any size dick. At first, Daphne is on top of things and very domme and bossy. The tables turn shortly afterwards and she finds herself on the wrong end of a riding crop but the right end of a spurting meat hose. Her guest fucks the living shit out of Daphne, impaling her every which way but easy. Ever the lovin' cum-whore Daphne extracts his man-juice with a vigorous jacking, taking the hefty load over her massive jugs. She has not met a cock she cannot wrangle and she has met some jumbo tools. All in all, cock is Daphne's god, her king, her ruler, and her reason for being. Her purpose is to serve man.
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