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The Final Approach: Deauxma's Ass

Featuring: Deauxma and Lucas Stone
Date: 09/20/2013
Duration: 25:32 min.
Deauxma first visited The SCORE Group in 2004 when she started in adult modeling. She's a sharp lady and is very friendly with many other SCORE Girls. Here, Deauxma's a stewardess with big tits. She's on a layover in Miami. The shapely brunette looks hot in her tight uniform and high heels yet so prim and proper. That's just a facade. Deauxma's going to her motel room when she sees a passenger from the flight she just worked. "I'm going to be next door if you need anything. Just let me know," he says. Pretty sure of himself, eh? What could Deauxma want besides a cock in her mouth as a pacifier before she goes to sleep.
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