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Dors At The Beach

Featuring: Dors Feline
Date: 03/29/2011
Duration: 12:30 min.
The mouthwatering Dors Feline likes a nice, sandy beach and we spared no expense to give her one to play in! Nice kitty! It was pretty cold back home in the UK while Dors was on the prowl in sunny, warm, beautiful Dominican Republic. But, with a girl like Dors wrapping herself around you, there's no such thing as cold, no matter what the climate is where you live. A very unique girl, a gift from Mother Nature, Dors has inspired comments such as "Love this chick. One of the few tatted-up chicks I actually think is hot. Dors being from England only makes her hotter." "I think that Dors Feline has an absolutely breathtaking figure. She is amazing! I just think that it is too bad that she has marked herself up with all of those tattoos. The tattoos break up her outline and make it harder to really see her figure!" "She is so super sexy and that accent is to die for. Well done, SCORE, on another fantastic newcomer. My new ultimate fantasy: Angela White and Dors Feline doing a shoot together. I think if that would ever happen my cock would literaly explode!" "Dors Feline is captivating.

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