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Make It A Slippery Nipple

Featuring: Gia Johnson and J.T.
Date: 11/23/2009
Duration: 20:24 min.
Sexy bartender Gia Johnson performs an ass-slapping exotic dance behind the bar as the XLGirls special movie Brick House Brawds kicks off. Horny barfly Johnny is the only customer in the place on a dead afternoon. Gia's body filling out her tight, green dress drives him crazy. A smiling Gia returns the attention. The vibes are right and bars are sexy joints. He undos her top to expose and admire her tits which she says are E-cups. She lets him suck and palm them, enjoying the attention. This is a great bar! In Coyote Ugly, the bartenders dance on the bar. In this bar, the guys get to play with the bartenders' boobs and butts! Gia drops into a kneeling pose to suck Johnny's engorged member and from this angle, her tits look really huge. Holding the back of her head, he fucks her open mouth, wiping his fuck-stick on her tongue.
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