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Bodacious Bikini Baby

Featuring: Hitomi
Date: 10/27/2013
Duration: 23:25 min.
Hitomi is looking killer, as always, as she poses for a SCORE photographer. That bikini (or mono-kini, depending on differing definitions), worn by that spectacular body is something that would create a flash mob on the beach so she and the photographer Jose stay by the pool on a private estate high above the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Jose and Hitomi take a break and he reveals some of the secrets of big-bust photography. Ice is one of those secrets. That gets a big laugh from Hitomi, making a gesture over her natural big boobs. Hitomi laughs and giggles a lot. That's one of her sweet personality traits. Her English is as minimal as our Japanese. That's no obstacle to communication. A staff member brings over some ice cubes so Hitomi can show how she uses ice on her boobs.
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