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Isabella's Full-Body Workout

Isabella Loren - XXX video
It's exercise time for 46-year-old Isabella Loren in the video version of "Isabella Loren's 30-Minute Workout." When this video opens, she's on the treadmlll, and her personal trainer is putting her through the paces, working her hard. She's getting hot, so she takes off her sweatshirt and reveals a sports bra that's not even covering her nipples. "I must be doing my job," the trainer says, admiring her body, but Isabella tells him that her husband doesn't seem to give a shit. Well, the trainer does, and when he asks Isabella if she's feeling okay, she answers, "No, I need to get fucked. I need cock bad. My fucking husband hasn't given me any cock. I'm so fucking horny right now. I need it." Well, she's obviously not one to beat around the bush. "Come over here and finger my pussy for me," she says. She likes a finger in her asshole, too. And a cock. "Fuck that pussy. You want some ass? Put it in me, baby. Nice and slow." Nice and slow at first. Hard and fast real soon. Isabella gets…
Featuring: Isabella Loren
Date: July 1st, 2009
Duration: 22:36

Member Comments

9 years ago 
Great scene with Isabella. She has an amazing body and really stays in shape and it shows. Funny begining with her removing her clothes as she works out. She finally has to tell the stud she needs to be fucked before he catches on lol. She sucks his cock for a bit before they start fucking. Isabella looks great taking the cock and her very tight ass hole gets a work out as she takes it up the ass here, excellent. She's real tight at first but soon he loosens her up and is able to really pound away. After a few minutes in that amazing ass he has to ejaculate and Isabella wants that jizz on her face and mouth. He obliges her big time unleashing 9 big spurts of jizz. He blasts, her face, mouth, hair, and even the wall lol. One of his spurts is so powerful it flies over her head and hits the wall with an audible thud, thats awesome. He needed this reli
ef as much as she did. She does a great job sucking his cock clean and dry and swallowing some jizz too.

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