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Janet Jade's Bikini Party

Featuring: Janet Jade
Date: 01/11/2010
Duration: 11:54 min.
The sight of Janet Jade poured into a bikini is almost too much for mortal man to handle. He can turn away, wear sunglasses or just start jackin'. Plan C is the best way to deal with this video, trust us. Janet talked about the "Jade Effect" her body has on clothes and the guys who look at her in them. She was very forthcoming. "They look good in most clothes," Janet said about her 38-DDD wonders. (Yes, that's Triple D-cups.) "Guys like them, which is good. I get to model for SCORE. I like having big boobs, but sometimes I wish they weren't as big as they are. I mean, I know they look good in clothes sometimes, and they get me a lot of attention, but they can be hard to deal with.
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