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My Busty Valentine

Featuring: Jenna Valentine
Date: 04/01/2010
Duration: 17:48 min.
Jenna Valentine's become a fave among many SCORE Men in a very short time. The Gothy California Valley Girl chooses to pose in mild glam style, almost a '60's style of nude modeling. "I was a creepy gothic girl in high school. I was spooky," Jenna says. "The jocks would actually throw candy at me and make fun of me. And now they find me on MySpace and FaceBook and they tell me I am hot and that they want to fuck me. I mean, I think that they made fun of me to look cool, but like, who the fuck throws candy? I think that's a total waste. I would have just eaten that Snickers bar. Let's be honest. But now they hit on me and they all want to fuck me and it's super weird.

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