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Pick Up Jewel

Featuring: Jewel Styles and Peter Delmar
Date: 05/05/2011
Duration: 21:01 min.
Holy shit! Jewel is dressed like she's making a horny drive-in movie about a hitchhiking teen looking for trouble. Actually, cutie-pie Jewel is making a horny fuck video about a hitchhiking teen looking for trouble. Dressed like she could cause a major traffic incident, Jewel is wearing stripper-whore heels, super-tight shorts with suspenders and a tiny crop top over a green bra. Stay out of Egypt, Jewel. Peter pulls over when he spots her. He'd be crazy not to and besides, she's a very sweet-looking girl in a bad part of town. Not wise for her to be there, in his opinion. Jewel is looking for a ride to Miami but she's not in a hurry when Peter says he needs to stop by his apartment. The old "I need to do something there" routine. That's fine with Jewel who was born at night but not last night.
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