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Do Busty Kougars Take Cock In Their Ass The Best?

Featuring: Karen Kougar and Levi Cash
Date: 08/09/2013
Duration: 21:35 min.
Karen Kougar was born in Miami, Florida and lives in Woodstock, New York. If you want to get anal about it, Karen is technically not a MILF because she doesn't have any kids. But she is a married woman to a very liberal husband and she is an "über -cougar," as she calls herself. "I never say no to showing off my boobs," Karen says about her big jugs. "I'm really pleased with them." Here's another tit-bit about Karen. Before this ass-fuck video, and arriving in Miami, she had stretched her asshole with a butt-plug. "It was hidden in a very, very deep, dark place," she says. It was in her ass for two hours before this video was shot, it was in her ass the night before, and it was in her ass on the jet ride to SCORE. If it showed up in her ass-pipe on those airport scanners, no one saw it. Or maybe they did and enjoyed seeing it.
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