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Lorna Morgan: Fertility Goddess

Featuring: Lorna Morgan
Date: 08/04/2009
Duration: 9:41 min.
"I am currently wearing a 32K bra," says Lorna Morgan who's posed for SCORE since 1998. When Lorna told us she was pregnant for the second time, we asked if she'd like to model. Thinking it over, the Welsh Wonder accepted and we arranged to meet her in London. "I think my boobs got a little bigger after my first pregnancy and even though they did go back down they never went back to the same size. I went from 30GG to an H cup. Apart from that, they were fine, I was lucky I didn't get any stretch marks. During this pregnancy, I felt like I missed the second trimester completely and went from the first straight to the third. Having no waist does limit poses and there are times, especially towards the end of the day, when my belly got really heavy and I just wanted to lie down. On the positive side, it was fun because I was with people who knew me and we were careful not to overdo it and also my belly was getting a lot of attention which is a huge change for me. It's normally all about the boobs!" .
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