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Maserati XXX Is Busting Out For SeXXX

Featuring: Maserati and Mirko Steel
Date: 06/10/2011
Duration: 21:35 min.
Meet Maserati. Maserati says "Take me for a spin." The guys and gals at SCORE think she is one fine young sweet thang. Maserati was told so many times how hot she is, how great her tits are and that she should be modeling, that she decided to finally try modeling. And that where SCORE comes into the picture. A stacked lovely like Maserati deserves to be in the world's #1 big-boob magazine and in SCORE websites and DVDs. She not only wanted to show her 34H love-cups, she wanted to sex up with hard drivers. Because the whole adult thing intrigues Maserati and she's aiming to be someone you don't forget. Trust us, her jigglers are perfect with perfect nipples and perfect areolae. They are breasts for true breast connoisseurs. Men who do not settle.
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