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"I Like Cumming Before I Go To Sleep"

Rating: Unrated
Featuring: Miranda Kelly
Date: 04/21/2011
Duration: 16:04 min.
Our interviewer gets things rolling with Miranda, a brunette from Miami. This one looks, acts and sounds like girlfriend material. Clad in a black shirt and ripped-up jeans, Miranda kicks back on a big green leather armchair and looks very comfy. She likes to read and listen to music, go surfing and hang out at the beach. Her favorite TV show is It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. "I think I like this show because every guy I like turns out to be an asshole and that show is full of them," says Miranda. Miranda says she's a merchandiser for rock bands. They like her to dress like a rocker. They must like her to fuck like a rock groupie too. Our man wants to see her skin.
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