Nancy Navarro - Solo video
Her nipples are always hard, Nancy Navarro says. It doesn't matter what she's doing or what the temperature is. Nancy is happy to show her nipples to SCORE's editor but only if he names the best major league baseball team in America. After a couple of wrong answers, he pitches the New York Yankees. Right answer--Nancy drops her tank top to show her bombers. Yes, Nancy is a devout Yankees fan, a New Yorker-next-door born in Venezuela. A secretary, she saw the website and decided to step up to the plate and take a swing at it. She has the equipment for it. She's never modeled before, never taken her clothes off for pictures, never danced, never gone to a nude beach, never flashed the cameras at Yankee Stadium. So why decide to model for SCORE? Did A-Rod talk her into it? Nancy will explain. Will this be a one-time event for the Yankee Girl? Will posing get the desire out of her system or will she want to take it further in the future? Will she be running out onto the…
Featuring: Nancy Navarro
Date: October 20th, 2011
Duration: 25:07

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