A Cream Pie for the Belly Dancer

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In her first scene for 40SomethingMag.com, Opal Reins, a 49-year-old dance teacher who lives in Colorado, gets the cream-pie treatment. But first, she gives her guy a belly dance (she’s a real-life belly dancer) while wearing super-sexy bra and panties, then she gets on top of him and lap-dances him (she is not a real-life lap dancer), then she gives him a sloppy blow job, then she lets him fuck her pussy. When she’s riding his cock in the reverse-cowgirl position, she picks up the tempo when she feels his nutsac about to explode inside her nearly-50 cunt, then lets his cum ooze slowly out of her pussy.

Opal is a very sexual woman. She has sex at least five times a week and says she enjoys “sex that starts slowly and escalates to mind-bending, body-rocking urgency.” Kind of like it does in this scene. She says she once had sex “on the hood of a car on a bluff overlooking the city as airplanes flew out of the nearby airstrip right over us.” And she masturbates a lot, usually with her Rabbit vibrator while watching porn.

Yep, while watching porn. She’s a belly dancer who loves porn and cream pies. Our kind of lady.

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