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From Mamazon To Preggazon

Shyla Shy - XXX video
Shyla Shy is the second jungle swinger from Mamazon The Movie to get knocked up and make a return trip to SCORE's studio. Kali West was the first. Is there some kind of fertility spell cast by appearing in this movie? So far, no pregnancy reports have come in from Shyla and Kali's co-stars Alia, Daylene, Alexis and Rachel. Shyla is sporting a massive baby bump. She's seven months and her tits are gigantic. Juan wants to know if pregnancy makes women hornier for a hard one. Shyla invites him to try her out. First he has to smother himself in the deep valley of Shyla's cleavage crevice. Assuming the air doesn't run out on Juan and he can pry himself out of the voluptuous valley surrounded by Shyla's mountain ranges, Shyla will be opening her lips for a sucking followed by the mother of all tit-fucks. Pregnancy doesn't mean a girl has to abstain from sex. Far from it. Shyla is ready to be mounted, plowed, pumped, irrigated and ultimately seeded by a hefty dose of man-cream injected right…

Member Comments

11 years ago 
I've seen a lot of her but this one is my favorite. Please give us another one while she's pregnant.

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