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Red On Top, Fire Down Below

Featuring: Sophia Rose
Date: 07/09/2009
Duration: 17:12 min.
Here's a very enjoyable first look at Sophia Rose, a redhead whose carpet matches the drapes. She tells us so, then she shows us so. Sophia is a 27-year-old medical secretary from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5'3", 116 pounds, hazel eyes), and she tells us that sometimes at work, she daydreams about sex, then goes into the supply closet and masturbates. "I got caught one time, but he was kind enough not to say anything." Yeah, and you know why he was kind enough? Because Sophia invited him in to help her out. Sophia is an exhibitionist, and this video helps her fulfill one of her fantasies. It's hot. At one point, Sophia deeply fingers her asshole while she dildos her red-on-top pussy, and we get the closeup view. Welcome to, Sophia.
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