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Meet Terri Jane

Featuring: Terri Jane
Date: 03/12/2011
Duration: 19:16 min.
Terri Jane overpowers SCORELAND with her huge tits and we're positive you SCORE Guys will love every inch. It's Mardi Bras! Terri lives in a small town near Birmingham, England, the nation where so many other great busty girls come from, most recently Dors Feline, Karla James and Ashley Sage Ellison. Just 21, Terri loves dancing, hanging with her girlfriends, going to the beach and taking care of her Yorkshire terrier. Terri says her bra size is 30K, a staggering number and a recent one since she is still a growing girl. She has a lot of trouble finding the right bras that fit, look good and give her the proper support she needs. Having a small back doesn't help in her bra shopping trips. At nine minutes into this chat with studio manager T, step back when Terri un-bras her mighty bazoomas and savor classic British bodaciousness. Terri is given a tape and first measures her tits across at 43 inches, then her underbust, at 36. She can bring her tongue to her nipples, not easy with such full tits. Prepare yourselves to keel over from sheer breast shock.
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