Lickety Sweet

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SCORELAND super-fave Terri Jane sure does like that sweet stuff. She makes moaning pleasure sounds as she licks her cool vanilla ice cream cone, her tongue swirling around the rich creamy goodness. Her lips are coated in white. 'I think I'm going to rub this ice cream all over my body,' Terri moans. She lowers the cone to her massive cleavage and begins to rub the ice cream over her hooters. Securing the pointed end of the cone between her English hills, she lowers her head to taste the cream. Dropping her bra, Terri continues to paint her tits with ice cream, the cool concoction cooling off her hot breasts, making them sticky and wet. It looks like a huge load of man-juice was dropped on them. The comely lass lowers her cone inch by inch over her body, leaving a trail of ice cream all over her. Terri's become a human sundae. The urge to lick her curvy body like a life-sized popsicle is very powerful! A video worthy of repeated play, over and over again. Stay sweet, Terri Jane.

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