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Ava Toys Her Peach

Ava Addams - Solo video
Ava is lying in bed, wearing sexy white lingerie, watching TV, when our videographer walks into her room.

"I'm a dirty girl," she says. "I've been sitting at home masturbating all the time. I haven't had time to clean. It's the last thing on my mind."

Ava tells us that she isn't shy and asks, "Do you want to see what's underneath?" What's underneath are beautiful, firm D-cup breasts and a pussy that has thick lips and is shiny pink inside. We love Ava's pussy because she doesn't have to spread her lips for us to see pink. Her lips part naturally. She must have been fucked a lot.

"Do you want to watch me masturbate? Do you want me to start with my hands and then use my toy?"

Yes to both. She shoves a finger into her pussy, then licks it. Our videographer smartly asks her how it tastes.

"Like a peach," she says.

We love fruit.

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