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Catt & Beverly's Big Tit Tug Adventure

Beverly Paige - XXX video
Catt Green is a sexy redhead with huge, all-natural tits. Beverly Paige is a sexy brunette with huge, all-natural tits. For some reason, there are no female super-heroine teams. So SCORELAND has decided to create its own super-heroine teams, minus the costumes because we don't want their boobs covered up. They are here to lend you a hand. Or two. Enter Beverly and Catt, the pillow fighters. They're bouncing on the bed socking each other with pillows and they are very good at it. It's a giggly, girl thing. Beverly is wearing a tight tank top. Catt is wearing a low-cut nightie. Their big boobs bounce as they batter their bods. Beverly decides to call for a walking dildo and extend the fun and games. Catt is game for this. "Wait 'til you see his dick," Beverly declares, as they resume bopping each other with pillows. Enter the cock-man. (Which is YOU since this video is POV.) The girls begin round two of their pillow pugilism while you lay back and enjoy the view. Their tits come out to…

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