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Isis Haze - Solo video
When we last saw Isis on video, she was interviewed before she stripped off and oiled up. Now go for a spin with a cute, new busty-girl-next-door. Looking for a fun driving companion? You cannot go wrong with choosing Isis Haze as your traveling buddy. But give Isis the backseat. She needs a lot of room to stretch out. She also needs a lot of room to release her big tits (naturals, you bet) from the cloth prison of her red crop-top. Isis may set a SCORE speed record for a model getting bare-chested in a moving vehicle. Isis is definitely not shy and she wasn't worried about people on the road spotting her backseat gyrations. In fact, she was very comfortable and this SCORE video is the proof of that. "I love your car!" Isis exclaims as she dabbles a finger in her honey-spot. "The bumpy ride makes it so much better!" The ailing auto industry might want to check this SCORE video out and learn how to make better car commercials.

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