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Tubesteak For A Topheavy Texan

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Tubesteak For A Topheavy Texan

Lexi Summers is a newcomer who wants to be a porn star. So she is in training for this position at SCORE HQ. Make that positions, as in missionary, cowgirl, doggie and whatever else she and her cock provider can think of. Glamour modeling is not for Lexi. She likes dick action. Lexi is 5'4", 158 pounds, 38-28-35 and wears a 36DDD bra. In this introductory SCORE Video for Voluptuous, Lexi shows off her curvy bod in a full-length mirror first and says what she's going to do to Jack, her booty call in the video. Jack enters the room and starts feasting on her nipples. He fucks her hangers as she sits on the edge of the bed. She blows him with an eager mouth, then lays back so he can fuck her bra-stuffers some more. She enjoys having her tits fucked and moans a lot as his meat-train rides through her high hills. He opens her legs for fucking and spears her. She moans and cries a lot while he drills her meaty cunt. She's really digging it. This babe likes to fuck and shows it. Lexi asks… Read More »
Featuring: Lexi Summers and Jack Cummings
Date: August 9th, 2010
Duration: 18:20

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